With these types of massages, I will work directly on the area that is giving you troubles. After a thorough warm up of the skin and muscles, I will slowly go deeper into the tissue and work on the knots and tightness. To makes sure you are comfortable I will constantly ask for you feedback to ensure the pressure is right for you.

Sports/physiological massage - designed for athletes and active individuals to enhance the athletic performance and recovery. With lots of knowledge of anatomy and physiology, I offer a massage geared to help you get ready to perform at your best. Deep tissue massage offers a great relief of muscle tension. Working deep in the muscle tissue will loosen the knots and release the muscle tension.

If you have knots and tension in back, neck and shoulders this is a great massage to get.
This massage is for anyone who has specific problems they want worked on. Athletes who have injuries that are in their healing face and others that want a deeper massage.

This massage last from 30 – 60 minutes.